Looking for a better hair removal solution than shaving, trimming, tweezing, or waxing? Try laser hair removal. It’s virtually pain-free and a more effective way to look and feel your best. Here at Velvet Med Spa in Fremont, we offer laser removal for men and women, and our specialists will do everything they can to make you comfortable throughout the process. To help you achieve the best possible results, follow our recommendations for how to prepare for your appointment and call Velvet Med Spa today to learn more!

Avoid Sun Exposure

The California sun may be tempting, but you should avoid sunbathing starting about four weeks before your appointment. You should also stay away from tanning beds, spray tans, and more. Discoloration can make the laser hair removal process more difficult, and sun damage can make it significantly more painful. If you come in for an appointment with a light sunburn or even a tan, most spas and dermatologist offices will turn you away and ask you to reschedule your laser treatment.

Remove Makeup and Skin Products

To minimize interference with the laser, you should remove lotions, creams, or serums you may have applied to the target area. This includes makeup and deodorant. Makeup remover may leave some residue, so make sure you rinse if you use any cleansers or similar products. Before your appointment, wash and rinse your body with simple soap and water.


It may seem counter-intuitive to shave before your laser treatment — after all, common advice for waxing is to let the hair grow. However, laser hair removal works differently than waxing; it targets the pigment in the hair follicle. You can help the laser better find and reach its target if excess hair is out of the way beforehand. Try to shave the area you plan to have treated within 24 hours. If you forget, most professionals will have a razor on hand to get it taken care of. Trust us — it will be worth all the time you won’t have to spend shaving in the future.

Avoid Other Hair Removal Treatments

While shaving is not only acceptable but encouraged, you should stay far away from other methods of hair removal before your laser appointment at Velvet Med Spa. Shaving leaves the root of the hair intact, so the laser still has something to target during your treatment. Waxing or tweezing, on the other hand, pull the hair out at the root and can make a laser appointment not only unhelpful, but painful and damaging for your skin. You should also avoid bleaching unwanted hair if that’s a method you use, because darker hair is easier for the laser to target.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Ready to tackle unwanted hair with a simple series of treatments? Call Velvet Med Spa today and ask about laser hair removal. It is significantly less painful than waxing, and offers more long-term solutions when compared to shaving or plucking. With just a few pre-treatment tips, like avoiding sun damage, shaving the target area, and removing any topical applications like makeup or lotions, you can help your appointment be even easier and more painless. If you have any concerns about laser hair removal, or you want to learn more about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact Velvet Med Spa today! We’re here to help you look and feel your best. Stop by our convenient Fremont location or call now to schedule your appointment!